WE ARE UNITED. Tackling inequality. Radical common sense. Compassionate and happy community.

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The United Party

Frustration, division and anger are plain to see. The Brexit vote revealed the serious problems our politicians have consistently failed to address.

People are unhappy at the unfairness of the system.

We are here to make urgent change happen. It cannot come from the old political parties, whose focus is elsewhere.

Any ideas or courage to understand problems and take decisions have evaporated. Their short-term, politically driven behaviour damages our society. They are part of the problem, we are the solution.

We are people from outside politics who are creators and innovators. Bound by vision and values, with passion for our country, which means we can do things differently.

We represent the common sense majority who want effective, problem-solving politics, not petty game-playing.

We will:

Tackle inequality

Apply radical common sense

Create a happy and compassionate society